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The centre of the three major Monotheistic religions of the world, the Old City of Jerusalem should be on every traveller's bucket list. Nowhere else in the world can you hear the holy sounds of the Muezzin's call to prayer, Church bells and the cries at the Wailng Wall; a truly holy cacophony of sound. The city envelopes all your senses as to see is to feel and to really experience you have to taste the Jerusalem mix.


After covering the Old City of Jerusalem go further afield to visit the Churches situated on the Mount of Olives - Pater Nostre, Dominus Flevit and the Church of Gethsemane. In the second half of the day, travel back in time to the City of David and connect with the Biblical roots of the Holy Land.


The Dead Sea is such a unique phenomenon that people travel the world to experience don't you miss out! Float and rejuvenate your skin soaking up the minerals. Continue on to Masada a UNESCO World Heritage listed site, view for yourself the Roman Army camps and architectural feat of the Northern palace. There are many options for what to do and see along the way so contact me to tailor a trip to your interests!


The Ancient port of Jaffa has been settled for thousands of years. Many tales and legends have developed around the conquerers and rulers of the area that are waiting to be told while wondering through quaint alleyways. Learn how modern Tel Aviv developed from the sand dunes into a "Start up City", a vibrant nightlife and UNESCO world heritage listed Bauhaus architecture.


From the spices of the Old City, to the Iraqi home cooked delicacies of the Jerusalem Machaneh Yehudah Market; from the Borekas of the Ramleh Market to the Juices of Shuk Levinski in Tel Aviv  - tasting your way through Israel is the best way to experience a culture. To combine a market tour into your itinerary contact me!


Between the Margins of Old Jaffa and Modern Tel Aviv, lies 2 kilometres of neighbourhoods that have "fallen between the cracks". Discover the communities that pioneered these areas, their trials and tribulations but most of all their creativity expressed by the many contemporary art galleries found here. A tour of the Bus Station demonstrates how these areas have adapted and who is reclaiming them today.


Experience a day following the ministry of Jesus from the Basilica of Annunciation in Nazareth to the Churches surrounding Lake Tiberias to discover the character fo Jesus - miracle worker, preacher, healer and prophet.


Travel to the UNESCO world heritage listed Crusader ruins of Akko and learn about the different Military Knight orders that ruled the Holy Land in the medieval period. Take in the breathtaking landscape of the Behai gardens in Haifa and then end the day marvelling at the Roman ruins of Caesarea and how Herod conquered nature by building a fortress overlooking the sea


Perhaps, this isn't your first time in Israel or even if it is and you are interested in doing something a bit more alternate and off the beaten track, look not further!
I can tailor to your personal interests whether it be a hidden monastery, spring, restaurant, archaeological ruins or art gallery that no one else knows about. For day tour options from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem contact me.

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