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Nabatean Spice Route, Avdat
Nahal Prat, Wadi Qelt
Bahai Gardens, Acre
Spices, Nazareth
Al Jazzar Mosque, Acre
Kornmehl Farm, Negev
Temple Mount, Jerusalem
Amirim, Upper Galilee
Arab Shuk, Old City, Jerusalem
Ethiopian Church, Jerusalem
Ein Avdat
Byzantine Beit Shean
Afek Tower
Ein Gedi
Inn of the Good Samaritan
Wadi Nisnas, Haifa


Make Beautiful Memories

Let's plan the trip of a lifetime to make the best of your time in Jerusalem and Israel with a private guide to show you all the hidden gems.

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Hi I'm Gila, nice to meet you!


I am a licensed tour guide, which means I have completed a 2 year intensive course under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, to learn the geography, history, archaeology, religion and human settlement throughout millennia of the Land of Israel, in order to share with you this unique country! I am happy to take you around to wherever your heart desires, check out my blog for some inspiration!

Although small in size, Israel is amazingly diverse. I am an explorer, I want to know what everything is, and how it got there, so finding activities off the beaten track and alternate places that no one else knows about, are what motivates me to leave the house! I also love to cook, I can often be found making dinner for friends, creating new dishes with local ingredients or eating at the latest restaurant. Food is a great way to experience a culture and infuses into everything you do, I will always have a recommendation for you of where to eat, no matter where you are in the country.

Your adventure in Israel awaits you! Make sure you take advantage of what this unique little country has to offer!

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